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Antennas, Lines, and Towers, Inc.

"A Leader in the Communications Industry"



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to Antennas, Lines, and Towers, a corporation established in July 2002. The company's founding philosophy is to provide the communications industry with the best possible service, with a promise to solve problems using our vast experience in building the most difficult sites. The ALT, Inc. ownership has a combined experience of over 54 years in the Telecom industry and has the ability to solve the most complicated problems. Having built several hundred Turnkey sites over the years, our crews are qualified to install Microwave, ESMR, Wireless Internet, Cellular, and PCS on any structure, as well as Tower Mapping for Structural Analysis, Lighting Repair, Tower Erection or Tower Modifications/Strengthening rework. ALT, Inc. appreciates your interest and business. Feel free to contact the ALT, Inc. staff for additional information.



301 Powell Drive • Oak Grove, MO • 64075 Phone (816) 690.6116 • Fax (816) 690.4206